Premium 4.3-10 connector for EUCARAY® Radiating Cables to meet highest requirements in mobile communications

Premium 4.3-10 connector for EUCARAY® Radiating Cables to meet highest requirements in mobile communications


Kabelwerk EUPEN AG is expanding its EUCARAY® product portfolio with two new 4.3-10 connectors for radiating cables that offer the best intermodulation values and long-term stability.

PIM (Passive Intermodulation) is becoming increasingly important as a quality feature of passive components for mobile radio systems, even in tunnel. If one of the components generates interferences due to a poor PIM value, this can lead to disturbances on the entire mobile radio system. In addition, it is important that the system continues to function perfectly even after years of operation, as new mobile radio standards show even higher sensitivity to interferences.
Eupen has anticipated these requirements and developed a new connector family for radiating cables, with a best-in-class guaranteed PIM ratio of below -155 dBc, typically -163 dBc, in static and dynamic conditions. In addition, these connectors have undergone an extensive long-term test to ensure that these values are maintained even after many years of operation.
These connectors, 43FR114S1 and 43FR158S1, are equipped with the 4.3-10 interface designed for best PIM stability. They are available for EUCARAY® 1-1/4″ and 1-5/8″ radiating cables. These connectors can be mounted quickly and reliably with the help of new specific tools that enable an optimal cable preparation. Like all Eupen connectors for EUCARAY® Radiating Cables, they are IP67/IP68 watertight and corrosion resistant without extra sealing.

More information such as technical specifications and installation instructions can be found on the website :

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