Industrial Applications is a newer section where EUCARAY® Radiating Cables from Eupen are having an impact on the type of radio coverage solutions offered.

The field of Automation is increasingly relying on Wireless Technologies to provide communication to and from a wide range of devices. The requirement to minimise interference from and between various communications systems found in today’s Systems often prohibits the use of Antennas. In addition, it is often found that placing of Antennas is less efficient than using lengths of Radiating Cables from Eupen to provide adequate Radio coverage into clearly demarcated Areas in often challenging Installation situations.

For these reasons, it is found that Radiating Cables are playing an ever-increasing role. Frequency ranges are typically in the VHF & UHF Band for traditional voice Radio Communications and 2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz WLAN Band for digital communication between devices.

The various Sub-categories can be divided into the following:


where mainly frequencies in the WLAN Band are used to provide Wireless Data connectivity to Mobile devices.

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where frequencies of the WLAN Band are often used under Near-Field Conditions to provide Wireless Data connectivity to moving automated devices.

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which usually comprises the use of Radiating Cables to provide temporary voice Radio Communication to Building Sites in the VHF or UHF Frequency Band.

Some Example References

  • Niagara Falls, Canada
  • Aarlberg Tunnel, near Innsbruck, Austria


where today nearly the full Radio Communications Spectrum is used to provide all Services from Voice Communications to Data connectivity and the frequencies ranging from the traditional VHF Band for Voice Communications to WLAN to provide Voice over IP and Data Services.

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