Eupen delivers TETRA optimised Radiating Cables



Deutsche Bundesbahn AG (DB)
German State Railway



A new railway line for Intercity Express (ICE) trains is now being built in Germany between Nuremberg and Berlin. It is known as the Ger-man Unity Transport Project 8 (VDE 8) and totals 515 km.
The « German Unity Rail Project no 8.1 » (Verkehrsprojekt Deutsche Ein-heit Schiene, VDE 8.1) is a section of the Munich–Berlin high-speed route, which is under construction and is expected to go into opera-tion in December 2017. After its commissioning, the travel time from Munich to Berlin will be reduced to about four hours.


The lengths and the number of Tunnels naturally pose challenges for any Radio Communications System in general and digital Radio net-works in particular, as the high number of RF-Repeaters have, due to each additional one being a potential point of failure, a direct impact in the reliability of the System.
Additionally, limited on-site storage required ‘just-in-time’ delivery schedules, timed to coincide with installation schedule and tunnel ac-cess times.



For this new line Kabelwerk Eupen supplied it’s band optimised EUCARAY® RMC114-T-HLFR « A »-Series, providing industry leading TETRA-optimised performance, ensuring seamless transition upon entering the tunnels at speed and throughout the lengths of the tunnels.

It forms part of a reliable and redundant communications distribution system providing safety- and security-relevant TETRA BOS communication for first responder services that meets all requirements of public safety officials and the German Railway. The EUCARAY® Radiating Cables have been chosen because of the company’s many years’ experience in tunnel communication systems and its excellent reputation worldwide.

Within VDE 8, sub-project VDE 8.1 covers the roughly 106-km line section between Nuremberg and Erfurt. This section involves the construction of 22 tunnels totalling 41 km that are being equipped with TETRA BOS tunnel communication systems. From a functional viewpoint, these systems are an extension into the tunnels of the TETRA BOS digital communication network.

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